Tel: 737 45 22 32

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Call us, even at the weekend

+ 420 737 45 22 32

Opening hours Mon-Fri 09:00 - 17:00
or upon request sooner, longer or on weekend or holidays.

Or write us when you can come and we will contact you soon:

Our location

Klinika Cihlář s.r.o.

Slévačská 1105/1e
Praha 9, Hloubětín

Phone: + 420 737 45 22 32

Company residence
Klinika Cihlář s.r.o.

Kundratka 11/2018
180 00 - Praha 8


No VAT registered company.

Parking in front of the entrance or in Krylovecká street.

Metro B - Hloubětín 630m on foot or one tram stop to Sídliště Hloubětín stop. Then turn right, up at the crossroads and go up the hill – behind Jedno Café you will find us.

Ordering, cancellation and payment terms

Telephone, personal or electronic order / reservation of services is a binding contract between the Client and the Clinic Cihlář and its cooperating entities. We understand that you may not be able to come.

However, in case of cancellation within less than 24 hours, we will require a 100% cancellation fee, unless otherwise agreed.
ATTENTION: Make a reservation only by phone, not by e-mail or SMS - no service to the person in charge.

You can pay with us by cash, credit cards or by bank transfer.


We accept Benefit plus Club and Sodexo payments and vouchers


Private data protection

The KLinka Cihlář respects Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of personal data, referred to as "GDPR". These are data related to an identified or identifiable living natural person. Health data are considered particularly sensitive.

GDPR determines your right to receive and process personal data (Article 15), to correct them (Article 16), to delete (Article 17), to limit processing (Article 18), to portability (Article 20), objection to processing (Art. 21) or exclusion from automated processing (Art. 22). However, to apply for these rights in person or in writing, you must prove your identity by submitting a valid photo ID, either personally (by submitting the credentials) or by sending a copy by letter or e-mail (in which case we recommend encrypting the attachments and sending the access passwords via SMS to the number we will tell you). Because your personal data may be large, we may require you to specify the details to be discussed.

We will forward the required information to you according to your instructions either in person, send it to your data box, by registered mail or send it to your e-mail with encrypted attachments and send the password to the phone number you will tell us in your request.

Klinika Cihlář s.r.o.,
Ing.Marek Cihlář, Managing Director